Don’t Miss Your Magical Moments

5:32 AM. I swing the door partially open. She emerges, her tail drumming on the door. I sit on the top step; she lies down next to me. In the quietness, I stroke the fur on her head and neck, and scratch her ears. Magical moment. She stretches and rolls onto her back to have her belly rubbed.

7:33 PM. I hold her hand. We pray for our children. We pray for their health and safety, that they’ll walk close to God, that God will surround them with godly people, for their education and careers, and for their future spouses. After praying, I hold her hand a little longer. Magical moment.

Summer 2004. I stand beside the roiling Yellowstone River near the Lower Falls. The roar is intense; I can feel the vibration in my chest. The experience is so profound, so spiritual, that I feel overwhelmed with awe. My eyes fill with tears. Magical moment. In my heart, I worship the Creator who made such splendor.

Magical moments often come unexpectedly. But there’s a pattern. Magical moments don’t happen when we’re in a hurry. They happen when we slow down and are fully present and aware of what’s happening. Magical moments also involve connection – connection with people, with creation, with God.

We’re designed for connection, but the modern age is characterized by isolation and alienation. Suicide and school shootings are stark reminders of their destructive power.  The more “connected” we become online, the less we seem to actually connect on a human level.  Enjoy the instant access, but don’t allow your devices to substitute for real connection. Don’t miss your magical moments.


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